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Leveraging Upcoming Grants & Technology for School Safety

More About this Webinar

This webinar focuses on simple but robust solutions designed to ensure communication continuity throughout your school district and with local law enforcement.  Additionally, we will discuss in detail two grants that can provide up to $1,000,000 in funding to support your school safety initiatives.

Topics We Will Discuss: 

  • Improving in-building cellular coverage
  • Maintaining internet connectivity with a 5G backup solution
  • How to set up a secure 5G network for 100+ users in minutes
  • How to ensure wireless priority service for critical employees
  • Implementing panic buttons to directly alert local law enforcement
  • Interoperability leveraging cellular-based two way radios
  • Improving school bus safety and emergency response times
  • School safety software for crisis management and communication
  • Aligning your school safety initiatives with each grants' requirements

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Meet the Speaker

LeaLea Bogle

Premier Wireless
President & CEO


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